This Guy Walks Upside-Down To Avoid His Shoes And Pants Get Soaked In Water.

Rainy season or being caught into anything wet is a challenge for most of us especially those who go to work, wearing their uniforms. Well, we don’t want our shoes or clothes to get wet that why we are trying our best to avoid such unfortunate circumstance. To spare himself from that situation, this guy walks upside-down to avoid his shoes and pants get soaked in water.

Have you ever seen a man walking using his hands simply because he doesn’t want his shoes and pants get wet and dirty? Let me rephrased the question. Have you ever thought of using your hands to walk just to avoid your shoes and pants get wet and dirty? I don’t think so! LOL.


Many people would probably laugh and get surprised how this black man crossed the street.

In the video posted on the Facebook page Hanep TV, features a clever guy walks upside-down to avoid his shoes and pants get soaked in water. The man can be seen wearing a blue long-sleeved polo, blue slacks, and black leather shoes. Upon seeing that the street he’s about to cross is covered with water, he first looked at his shoes. Then, he started unbuttoning his sleeves and pulled it up to his elbows. After he makes sure that nothing of his clothes or his shoes will get wet, he started walking upside down. Using his hands, he takes each step. He finished walking without falling and it seemed very easy for him to do the act.

Did you notice that upon seeing the street covered with water, he didn’t get upset nor worry at all and just totally concerned not to his shoes and pants wet? I bet that it is pretty normal for him.

As expected, the said video immediately gone viral and caught the attention of many netizens. The online community got so much laughter and he becomes an instant social media sensation for doing such an amazing act.

This man probably loves his shoes so much that he will do everything just to protect it even it requires him to do something unusual. As of writing, the video earned 1.9K mixed reactions, 2.6K shares, and 162K views.

Watch the clever guy walks upside-down to avoid his shoes and pants get soaked in water below:

Ayaw mabasa yung sapatos at pantalon

Posted by Hanep TV on Saturday, September 8, 2018

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