Every Tuesday, This 3-Year-Old Little Boy Joyfully Waits For His Garbage Man Friend

At the age of 3, kids started to develop their social skills about friendship. Once they are in preschool, kids are able to find a friend without any word from parents or guardians. This friend may have a similar interest or laughs at the same things he does. Unlike any other kids at his age, this touching 3-year-old boy joyfully waits for his garbage man friend every Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, 3-year-old Kyler joyfully waits for his garbage man friend to arrive. The Clinton, MS toddler looks forward to lending them a helping hand as they drive through his grandmother’s neighborhood.

The waste management worker, Clarence Weathersby or “Bug-Bug” as Kyler calls him said:

“It started one day we were coming down through here and his grandma had on a [University of] Alabama sweatshirt.”

Then, Weathersby bonded with Kyler’s grandma, Kathleen Reynolds, over the university and its rallying cry. “I just told her ‘Roll Tide’ ” and the rest was history.

The Alabama greeting apparently marked the bond that little Kyler would later come to look forward to every week. He started waving at the garbage men and they waved at him back. Later, every Tuesday, Kyler never miss to greet and play with garbage men when they come to collect the rubbish.

After the friendship between the boy and Weathersby grew, Kyler enjoys giving Weathersby and his co-workers Halloween and Christmas treat while proudly being their little helper year-round.

“Yeah, we made treats and we took them out to them and they just loved them and then they started picking Kyler up and he started learning how to operate the garbage truck,” she said.

Kyler starts jumping for joy, with snacks in hand whom he made for his garbage pick-up friends. Their bond continues to flourish like brothers. On a recent visit, Weathersby had a special gift for Kyler to celebrate his third birthday.

Grandma Reynolds told the local Fox station”

“Bug-Bug just treats him super special,” she said

“He picks him up like it’s a little brother thing, so it’s great to see the interaction between them,” she continued.

“Kyler doesn’t see the color and Bug-Bug doesn’t see his color. They’re just friends, you know. They just know love and they know kindness. That’s the great thing about this.”

Watch this 3-year-old boy joyfully waits for his garbage man friend below:

My lovely garbaege men

Little boy meeting his lovely garbage menBlunt Kommunity

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