Filipina Toddler Belter Nailed The OPM Song “Akin Ka Na Lang”

Filipinos are known to have an amazing and world-class voice. But did you ever asked why Filipinos are really good at singing? Well, a video of a Filipina toddler belter nailed the OPM song ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’ will give you an idea about it.

Well, singing is a common talent Filipinos are blessed with and I guess part of the culture as well. Aside from having a good voice and diverse ranges, Filipinos are also good in terms of diction and very articulate with their vowels and consonants very clearly.

A viral video of a Filipina toddler belter nailed the OPM song ‘Akin Ka Na Lang’, popularized by singer Morissette Amon, is currently winning the hearts of many. She, in fact, became an instant star!

The said video caught the attention of the online community and it was very obvious that they were totally amazed by the unexpected talent of this child. We could always see young kids singing in a right tune but to hear a kid belts a song, that’s quite surprising and mind-blowing!

The Filipina toddler belter is singing like a pro while listening to the OPM hit “Akin Ka Na Lang”. It seems like she mastered the song because you can hear her singing on the top of her lungs. What made it even more amazing is the fact that she didn’t miss any keys considering that this song is sung by one of the finest Filipina divas, Morissette.

It was uploaded a Facebook user named Mark Wayne Paras and earned 42K mixed reactions, 81K shares, and 4M views.

The video undeniably captures the heart of the netizens and her family must be truly proud of her. For certain, this Filipina toddler belter has something bright in store for her. She’s simply amazing.

Watch the video of the Filipina toddler belter below:

Another Version of Akin Ka Na Lang By: Chichi ❤️

Posted by Mark Wayne Paras on Sunday, August 19, 2018

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