“A Simple Act Of Caring Creates An Endless Ripple” Story of A Boy Who Passed His Good Deed To Someone He Helped Before!

Nowadays, news reports continuously informed people that crimes are rampant and danger just lurks at the corner. While many people doubt if good-natured people do exist, this video of ‘a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple’ will definitely change your perspective about people and believed that kind-hearted ones still, exist.

In the video uploaded on Facebook, an inspiring story that revolves around the quote ‘a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple’ will surely teach all of us a lesson.

The video started with a girl looking for a cake at the grocery store. Moments later, a young man also approaches the cake stand. There’s only one cake left for that flavor. But the man gave way to the girl to take it though it seemed like he was also interested in buying the cake.

When the girl was about to pay the cake at the counter, the girl’s grandmother didn’t have extra money with her so they need to give back the cake. The girl felt so sad that day. The young man witnessed what had happened so he decided to buy the cake and follow them home. Then, he handed the cake. The young girl was so happy to have the cake she wants to buy a while ago.

When they finally came home, an old man was waiting for them and it turned out to be his birthday. What’s even more amazing is that the young man who gave them the cake was the same boy the old man gave a cake when the young man’s mother couldn’t afford to buy him a cake during his birthday.

When the old man was about to leave, the mother of the young boy asked for his address so they can pay him back. Instead of giving his address, he wrote a quote saying: “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”. True enough, the young boy grew up with a generous heart.

This story teaches us that giving or being generous doesn’t need to be big as long as the intention is pure. The Bible said, “What you make possible for others, God will make it possible to you.” So whatever you did for others, it will be paid whether it is good or bad. Let’s be one of those kind and compassionate human beings that are willing to help. Always remember, “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.”

Watch the video below:

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