Male Teacher’s All Out Danced Performance Of A Kpop Song Amazes the Students!

Down memory lane, elementary teachers were rather strict and disciplinarian when it comes to teaching. They are very serious toward their students especially inside the school premise or anything that involves studies. But not today! A male teacher’s all out danced performance of a Kpop song recently went viral on social media, proving that teachers nowadays are not KJ! LOL!

Unlike before, teachers have become friendly and had taken a different approach in educating students. Elementary teachers, in particular, are now becoming more approachable and could be treated by their students as their older friends. Pupils are more comfortable with their bubbly selves than strict inside the classroom. With that in mind, a male teacher’s all out danced performance of a Kpop song amazed his students as well as the online community.

On the viral video posted on Facebook features a male elementary teacher dancing for his class. In the video, we can see a classroom full of elementary students, but it was not set up like a typical scene in a public school classroom.

The middle part of the room was empty as the chairs were arranged and lined up on the side. This was done so that they would have space like a dance floor.

The teacher standing in the middle, wearing brown school teacher uniform, black slacks, and leather shoes start to pace around the floor area. We can hear the intro of the Kpop song popularized by Momoland, Bboom Bboom.

Surprisingly, the teacher turned into a dance floor beast, bursts into the groove as he nails the steps of the song. With all-out energy, he delivered the dance performance with such an attitude and passion. To their shock, students started to shout and cheer for their teacher. And then, the favorite chorus of the song came in.

The male teacher’s all out danced performance of a Kpop song really amazes his students as well as many netizens! Not everyone is blessed to have a teacher as cheerful as him. Job well done sir!

Watch the male teacher’s all out danced performance of a Kpop song below:

Thats my Teacher !

Thats my Teacher !

Posted by Pinoy Rap Radio on Sunday, September 9, 2018

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