Creative Man Created Shoes Using Old Tires In Kenya!

Nowadays, being creative is one way of earning money. In fact, people are earning money by selling trash, recycling trash or creating something new from trash. With that in mind, this creative man created shoes using old tires!

We might all hear the saying, ‘someone’s trash is someone’s treasure’ or there’s money in the trash. These might too old but in today’s financial crisis, it’s still applicable. You don’t need modern tools at all. What you need is a creative mind and a persevering body to be able to produce something from what some people consider as nothing.

In the video uploaded by the YouTube Channel, Daring Danielle, a creative man created shoes using old tires from Kenya. The man wearing a yellow shirt started to measure the foot size of his customer. He uses not any measuring tool but the tire itself.

He then proceeds in cutting the tire as to the size of the client’s foot. Moments later, he started to cut off some parts of the edges and sides of the tire. He did this so that the shoes can rightly cover the sole.

He cut the inner portions of the tire to resemble the shape of the strap for a shoe. The strap is then attached by the use of a small nail to the main part of the shoe. After doing that, the shoe is again fitted to the feet of the customer so that the straps may be positioned properly. Then, he cut off the nails so it would not be dangerous for the client to walk while wearing it.

The caption of the video read:

“During my Safari trip to both Kenya and Tanzania we stopped into a local Maasasi Village where people were still making walking shoes out of used TKC80 motorcycle tires. The men spoke in Kiswahili the entire time so I was not very engaged in the conversation (all the more reason for me to learn) but I had an incredible time. Its amazing what can be created with simple tools and a great deal of imagination. My shoes fit perfectly and because of the material may last a few lifetimes. P.S please excuse the dry ashy feet lol!”

“This video was shot at the Maasai Simba Camp located near the ambroseli ecosystem in Kenya.”

Watch the video of the creative man created shoes using old tires below:

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