Teacher Chastens His Student For Always Being Late In Class Until He Realized The Reason Behind!

Tardiness or absenteeism is a very common habit in students. When a student came to class late, the flow of the lecture or discussion can be disrupted and others students can be distracted. With that in mind, a teacher chastens his student for always being late in class until he realized the reason behind.

According to some research, lateness can become chronic and spread throughout the class if left unchecked. There is a number of possible reasons why students arrived at school late. For the teacher’s part, knowing the root of the problem can help guide appropriate responses and strategies. But keep it in mind, understanding the reason does not require tolerating the behavior.

This particular teacher chastens his student for always being late in class until he realized the reason behind.

On this touching video posted on the Facebook page Entertainment Baba, a certain student was late during his first day at school. Well, we couldn’t blame the teacher for giving the punishment of hitting his hand with a stick because attendance is important to teachers.

The following day, the student was still late to class and he received the same punishment. On the third day, the student still had the same record.

On the fourth day, the teacher saw him early in the morning running in the neighborhood. He saw a familiar face of a guy delivering newspapers to establishments and houses. It turned out that he was the student who was always late in class.

Again, the student came late the next day. However, the teacher no longer punished him but rather, hugged him tightly. It turned out that this young boy needs to juggle work and study at the same time.

His gesture is his way of expressing how proud he is to his student for having the perseverance to continue studying despite difficulties he has to go through.

According to UIS data for the school year ending in 2016, about 263 million children and youth are out of school. The total includes 63 million children of primary school age, 61 million of lower secondary school age and 139 million of upper secondary age.

Watch the video below:

Very true heart touching video

Posted by Entertainment Baba on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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