Guy Tried To Pay His Jeepney Fare Using Chili!

Today, the Philippines is suffering from the current inflation crisis. Last month, Filipinos were shocked by the price hike of chili in the local wet markets which were only around PHP150 (US$2.78) per kilo in February but reached a higher price of PHP1,000 (US$18.52). To deal with it, humor is sometimes the only thing to cope with these hardships. With that in mind, this guy tried to pay his jeepney fare using chili and went viral because of the reaction of the driver.

A young man recently went viral after he tried his jeepney fare using red chili peppers. This guy probably wants to make light of the situation. In fact, there’s a lot of silly memes that have been making their rounds online.

In the video posted by Juan Patricio on Facebook, a man can be seen pulling out a pack of the spice and gave four pieces as his payment. The man tried to pass chili fare to his fellow passengers while controlling his laughter.

“Isa lang po yan. Pakisuyo na lang.”

His fellow jeepney passengers were surprised and laughed as well. Some even said that his fare was enough as a payment. Good thing, the jeepney driver didn’t have any violent reactions and just accepted the pack of chili.

The video gained 36K mixed reactions, 67K shares, and 2.7M views as of writing.

Speaking of chili, here are some hilarious memes because of the chili prices:

One Facebook user named Axhel Matillano Tubtub shared a meme using the Jollibee Chickenjoy.

The picture shows the original price at PHP139 (US$2.57) while the spicy variety costs PHP1,139 (US$21.10).

Another social media user named Gem Aquino shared a photo of a bag of chilis and said:

“Wala kameng car pero di sa pagmamayabang.” (“We don’t have a car, and it’s not like I’m bragging but…”)

One online user named Mark Paulo Cruz tried exchanging 15 kilos of the expensive chilis for an iPhone 6 Plus.

Watch the video of the guy tried to pay his jeepney fare using chili:

Pwede na din magbayad ng sili sa jeep. 🤣

Posted by Juan Patricio on Saturday, September 22, 2018

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