Famous Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Played Sepak Takraw.

What is “Sepak Takraw”? Unlike any game, Sepak Takraw players is a highly skilled game which requires a specific technique. This game requires body coordination especially the hand, foot, and eye coordination. They can use the feet, leg, shoulders, head or even their bottoms to keep the ball in play. With that in mind, a mixed martial arts fighter played sepak takraw.

Basically, Sepak Takraw is a combination of football, or soccer, and volleyball where the players have to pass the ball over the net to the other team without using their hands. Players routinely spike the ball with turning acrobatic somersault movements or bicycle kicks in mid-air to keep the ball in play.

Every nation and region in the world has its own version and name of the sport. It is called “Sepak Takraw” in most countries in Southeast Asia, “Chinlone” in Myanmar, and it can be considered “Sipa” in the Philippines.

Recently, Dave Leduc, a mixed martial arts fighter played sepak takraw. Leduc travels the world to learn the different types of martial arts. In 2016, he participated in the first “World Lethwei Championship” in 2016 which took place in Myanmar.

In one of his recent trips to Myanmar this year, Leduc encountered the sports Sepak Takraw. On his Instagram account, he expressed his amazement for the game and the way locals played it.

“This is #Chinlone In Myanmar, we use our headbutts for two things: Lethwei and Chinlone. I actually think that playing this game can make you into a better fighter, it makes you more athletic and [redacted]. Last few months, I explored villages outside Yangon with @stillkwik and we were invited to play Chinlone with these monsters, needless to say Imma stick to Lethwei insane [redacted].”

Leduc also posted a video of himself playing the game.

“I think I was Burmese in my past life! I can’t use my legs like them, so I used a lot of headbutts but they can’t use their heads like me! #Chinlone #sepaktakraw #Lethwei#Myanmar.”

Locals in Myanmar and Southeast Asia shared some facts about the game. Read it below:

“Chinlone is a very popular traditional game in Myanmar which can be loosely described as a combination of both sport and dance. It’s a 1500 year old team sport which is unique in a way that it is completely non-competitive as there are no opposing teams. However, despite of there being no competition it is still a highly demanding sport which requires a lot of [redacted] and stamina. The focus in Chinlone is not given on defeating the opponents but on performing beautifully.” one user shared.

“Chinlone is a generic term, meaning “Rounded basket”. It has been here since 1500 years ago while Sepak Takraw(Pite Kyaw Chin in Burmese) is a competitive version of it invented in 20th century. The two are different in that the former favors beauty while the latter favors competition.” another user shared.

Today, Sepaktakraw is both of a recreational and a competitive sport which is played throughout South East Asia and in other regions in Europe, Middle East, North and South America.

The videos of Leduc immediately went viral and gained thousands of views and reactions from his fans and followers.

Watch the video below:

Sepak Takraw

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