Easy Tips And Tricks To Boost Social Media Feed!

Over the past 20 years, the information and communication technology has changed rapidly that resulted in the emergence of social media. Because of its advantages and disadvantages, social media has become a controversial topic today. On the brighter side, social media made communication easier despite distance and help improved human’s social life. If you are among those social media fanatic, here are some easy tips and tricks to boost social media feed!

One of the popular social media platforms today is Facebook. Facebook becomes the easiest means of communication and even better. It allows people, to share photos, post comments, and view people’s personal information. Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular social media websites with almost 500 million users accounts.

Social media has become a trend for all ages and different walks of life. Consequently, people develop certain tricks in shooting amazing videos and pictures that will make anyone look twice while scrolling through their social media accounts.

In this article, we will share some easy tips and tricks to boost social media feed. Here are some simple yet amazing tricks in shooting unusual videos:

1. Turning your phone 360 degrees. The first trick is to turn your phone 360 degrees. All subjects should jump and the phone will do its magic.

2. Illusion trick. Shoot the subject from head to toe. Turn the phone 360 degrees and raise it higher. Then show another person reacting to the action of the first person. This will give you a thought of parallel universe!


3. Unusual jump shot. The one who’s taking the video should move around the subject in a circular direction while the subject jumps several times.

4. Artificial rain. To capture a photo that looks like your dancing in the rain, all you need is an umbrella and a plastic bottle that contains water.

5. Kiki dance challenge. To have your own version of the viral Kiki dance challenge, all you need is a broken car door. Yes, you don’t need a car at all!

According to Forbes, there are about 1 billion social media accounts all over the world, these accounts make almost all of the countries of the world connected with each other and 500 million of it are Facebook users.

Howbeit, let’s think that social media is a blessing to humanity and one of humanity’s greatest achievements because humans never connected to each other as before.

Watch the easy tips and tricks to boost social media feed below:

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