Clever Guy Uses A Speaker To Ask For An Extra Rice And Soup At Mang Inasal!

Whether you know it or not, waiters sometimes pretend to be blind to their customers when they raise their hands. They even move slowly and seems like busy. But when it’s billing time, they move quickly as if you are going away. Recently, a clever guy uses A speaker to ask for an extra rice and soup at Mang Inasal.

Mang Inasal is one of the go-to restaurants of every Filipino and their unli rice and soup offers are what every customer really enjoy. Because of these unlimited privileges, customers often call their waiters to ask for more. While they are enjoying such, waiter becomes restless and tend to become thankless at times.

In the viral video, this clever guy uses a speaker to ask for an extra rice and soup at Mang Inasal which was connected to his phone. Every time he wants to ask for his unlimited privileges, he would play a pre-recorded audio asking for extra rice and soup.

The guy apparently planned and prepared his visit to that particular restaurant that day.

His friends started laughing with what he did. Also, other customers on the other side of the restaurant laughing hard with them. However, the waiters seemed busy that it wasn’t shown in the video if he was given what he asked for.

Many netizens got impressed and laughed at the video. As of writing, the post earned 8.4K mixed reactions, 14K shares, and 683K views.

For waiters, their job is quite tiring and tough. At times, they need to deal with demanding and unreasonable customers. So, let’s be more considerate and extra patient to them. For customers, there are times where they have to deal with waiters who have bad attitude and service.

Watch the video of the guy uses a speaker to ask for an extra rice and soup at Mang Inasal below:

Yung tropa mong may dalang speaker sa inasal para huminging extra rice. Haha Mang Inasar 😂#KaninPa #MangInasal #MangInasar

Posted by Kevin Del Mundo Reyes on Friday, September 14, 2018

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