Marvel-Themed Wedding Film Defeated Big Time TV Networks In The Philippines For Its Special Effects!

Many of us could probably agree that a lot of films and TV shows in the Philippines have mediocre special effects. Filipinos are often rediculed, even with it fellow countrymen for the local versions of Hollywood movies where the special effects are so unreal and not timing. But this Marvel-themed wedding film seems like defeated big time TV networks in the Philippines for its special effects and transitions.

Recently, this Marvel-themed wedding film went viral because of its realistic special effects. Created by local filmmakers, Wonderlast Films, featured the wedding of Morris and Maria.

In the clip, both of them could be seen walking along a dark and empty pathway when a villain suddenly appeared. Morris was determined to save the life of his beau so he immediately wore his suit. However, the villain laughed at how he still had to suit up to fight him.

It turned out that Maria was actually writing the story. Soon enough, Morris transformed into some of his favorite superheroes like Thor, Ironman, and Dr. Strange from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The problem is, his powers are unmatched for this villain who appeared to be Thanos, who yields its power from the gauntlet with all infinity stones. As the villain moves in for the snap to win the battle once and for all, Morris moved to shield Maria but something magical happened. Surprisingly, they defeated the Thanos!

You might be asking how did they do it. Well, it’s so romantic that they defeated the most powerful villain of all by Maria’s power, the heart stone. At this point, you can probably guess that the heart stone was actually the engagement ring she received from Morris and it held the biggest power of all.

Many social media users compared this local flicks from local TV stations or production companies that suggests them to hire guys behind the short film.

The video earned 140K mixed reactions, 90K shares, and 3.2M views

Watch the video of the Marvel-themed wedding film below:

Infinity Begins – Morris & Maria

This might be the most (Insert awesometacular adjectives) wedding film you'll watch today! 🔥🎉🎥💥 A super hero wedding film by Wonderlast Films.Disclaimer: This wedding film was made for a couple who extremely loves the MCU. Made by a bunch of crazy filmmakers who just want to make awesome films. This is for non-commercial use, please don’t sue us. 🙂

Posted by Wonderlast Films on Saturday, September 15, 2018

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