Parents Who Left Their 5-Year-Old Girl Outside The Cinema To Watch The ‘The Nun’, Drew Flak From Netizen!

Watching a movie in a cinema is one of the bonding moments family love to do. Though we can watch a movie at home by streaming it online or DVD, nothing compares to the atmosphere and experience a cinema could give. But some movies have age restrictions due to its content. With that in mind, netizens lambasted the parents who left their 5-year-old girl outside the cinema to watch the ‘The Nun’.

Age restrictions placed on movies are not new. For many years, children have been prohibited from going to PG, PG13, and other age-appropriate movies. Movies are rated according to content that includes dialogue, violence, nudity or any other aspect considered questionable for children and different ratings specify different ages.

The horror movie ‘The Nun’ has been rated R-13 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in the Philippines. This means that only those who are 13 years old and above are allowed to watch the film.

Recently, parents who left their 5-year-old girl outside the cinema to watch the ‘The Nun’ movie drew flak from netizens. It was supposedly an unplanned movie trip for these four adults including the parents; thus, they had brought along their 5-year-old daughter.

But because the girl was not allowed to watch the movie, her four adult companions decided to just leave her outside while they enjoyed the movie.

The cinema porters and even the guard suggested that their tickets will be refunded and they can watch the movie some other time when they didn’t have the kid with them. However, they were unfazed by the suggestion, entered the cinema and leave the kid outside.

One netizen named son Mendoza witnessed the incident and shared photos of the kid on Facebook. He slammed the management for still allowing the child’s parents to get inside the cinema while the kid waited outside.

Many netizens lambasted the two adults and her parents, for leaving the child behind considering the danger it might cause for leaving the girl alone in a crowded place such as a cinema.

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