School Bus Stop Law Is A Great Way To Promote Discipline And Make Students Safe!

Nowadays, the word discipline is seldom observed and exercised by many. But deny it or not, discipline is an essential factor in our success and for the community. When all of us knows how to apply those among ourselves, all of us probably have a peaceful and comfortable life. Just like this school bus stop law that is being observed in some community which is a great way to promote discipline and make students safe.

In the viral video posted on social media, many netizens were surprised and amazed at how disciplined these people in this community are.

When the school bus stopped to unload the kids, all the cars stopped from moving and let the children leave the school bus safely. Right after every student on the school bus went down, all the cars continued on moving.

The post gained 6.3 million views, 156 thousand shares, and 2.6 thousand comments.

According to Wikipedia, school bus stop laws are laws dictating what a motorist must do in the vicinity of a bus stop being used by a school bus or other bus, coach or minibus providing school transport.

Jurisdictions in the United States, including overseas territories, and Canada have adopted various school bus stop laws that require drivers to stop and wait for a stopped school bus loading or unloading, so as to protect school children boarding or alighting.

“Generally, if a stopped school bus is displaying a flashing, alternating red lamp, a driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking the stopped bus from either direction (front or back) must stop and wait until the bus moves again or the red light is off.”

In North America, some jurisdictions require all surrounding vehicles to stop when a school bus is stopped with its red lights flashing. However, traffic laws in countries outside North America do not require vehicles to stop.

While in Belgium and Germany, drivers are required to pass stopped school buses at very slow speeds that allow for quick stopping. In South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, drivers are directed to drive carefully passed stopped school buses.

Watch the video below:


Posted by Rumeurs D'abidjan on Monday, August 27, 2018

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