British Grandma Dancer Wowed The Crowd In Spain With Her Tango Performance!

We always have this concept that elderly women or senior citizens already frail and weak. But this 81-year-old British grandma dancer wowed the crowd as she proves that age is just a number and has nothing to do with what she can do.

At the age of 81 years old, our British grandma dancer has no hesitation to amaze the audience when she performed her energetic tango dance moves. She might look frail and weak but she proves that she can still dance like a professional dancer!

In the hidden camera segment featured on a popular Spanish television program, the 81-year-old Sarah Jones made her way to the center of Madrid to watch a couple dancing. The elderly woman can be heard praising the couple’s spectacular dance to some people in the audience and admitting that her hips are too fragile to dance.

But as soon as the couple finishes their performance, Jones quickly raises her hand when the man who has performed earlier asks the crowd for a volunteer.

With Carlos Gardel’s tango hit, “Por Una Cabeza”, our British grandma dancer starts off dancing with her new partner before revealing energetic tango moves in a more upbeat song.

Upon seeing the elderly woman performed, the crowd couldn’t help but to wow and stunned by her impressive dancing skills. According to Spanish daily El País, the idea of the hidden camera was to debunk the belief that older people like Jones are always associated with being fragile and slow.

“Every older person has an enormous amount of potential and they should not be treated as if they were worth nothing.”

Watch the British grandma dancer as she performed her incredible tango moves below:

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