Best Reactions Of Babies Eating Lemons For The First Time!

Nowadays, parents love to film their babies eating different types of food and things. One of those viral and hilarious videos are babies eating lemons for the first time.

Babies Eating Lemons refers to a series of prank videos wherein parents film themselves feeding a lemon or lime to one’s baby for the first time and capture their sour-faced reactions on the footage. It became a frequent type of video upload especially of course, by parents.

Lemon is a significant source of Vitamin C and contains high amounts of antioxidants and nutrients. It is also useful to improve immune systems and help fight cold and flu. They also offer many other health benefits such as may improve digestion. However, lemons are also known for their zingy and sharp flavor, in short, sour.

These babies definitely have the cutest reactions when it comes to tasting the citrus fruit for the first time. Though the sourness makes them scrunch up their adorable face, some of these cuties keep going back for more.

Its yellow skin probably attracts babies but the moment they taste it, their adorable faces were twisted as it may not as sweet as they thought it would be.

One such compilation, “Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time Compilation 2013 [HD]” (below bottom left), uploaded by the cute video aggregator funnyplox that gained 24 million views. In YouTube, searching for “baby eating lemon” returns over 48,000 results.

After babies eating lemon became popular, parents began filming their babies eating other types of things. Well, these videos totally make us laugh!

Watch the best reactions of babies eating lemons for the first time below:

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