Guy Sprayed Perfume On A Stranger’s Armpit Inside The Elevator!

An elevator or a lift is a small-spaced, vertical transport vehicle the moves people from floor to floor of a building. Though efficient and fast, the space is quite small. Various people rides an elevator, so as their behavior and smell during the short ride. For possible reasons, this guy sprayed perfume on a stranger’s armpit inside the elevator.

How unfortunate being stuck standing in a limited space smelling over someone’s overbearing ‘scent’. If you think that your smell is beautiful at times, you might think twice. There are instances where people nearly passed out trying to hold my breath to escape another person’s overwhelming aroma.

In a viral video posted in Facebook, a guy sprayed perfume on a stranger’s armpit inside the elevator. Let’s say it’s a deodorant. But why did he do it? Probably gagging over someone’s overwhelming scent? Perhaps!

It is unclear why did the guy sprayed perfume on a stranger’s armpit but maybe because he smelled something stinky or odd.

You can see in the video, the guy was wearing a shirt while talking someone on his mobile phone. When suddenly, his fellow passenger sprayed on his armpit. The guy startled with what the passenger did.

As a result, he choked the mans’ neck and that’s where the video ended.

The netizens hilariously react on the video. Read some of their comments below:

“Lol dude gets off3nded when he’s the one who’s stinking the whole elevator”


“why the guy looks like Kermit getting choked at the end”

“OMG! This guy appears like me. :O”

“in case of em*rgency. Don’t hesitate to pull the tr1gger.”

“yiihe on Man’s Armpit”

As of writing, the video earned 10K mixed reactions, 20K shares, and 1.4M views.

Watch the 6-second video below:


kapag hindi mo talaga kayang tiisin ang amoy nya ito ang dapat gawin

Posted by Intrometido on Thursday, July 12, 2018

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