A River In The Israeli Desert Magically Reborn Due To Flash flood!

Many locals watched the incredible moment of the river in the Israeli desert magically reborn due to flash flood and many delights of watching especially those who predicted its return.

After years of drought, the re-birth of a river in the Negev desert in Israel has been captured on camera. For centuries, the massive creek bed of river Zin has disappeared and dried up. The region of the Wadi Zim in the Negev desert is flooded every few years and has been since Biblical times. The Negev desert is where 12 spies are said to have been sent by Moses to travel the Promised Land and the Zin river used to mark the border of Israel in Biblical times.

The Negev or Negeb came from the Hebrew word neghev, meaning dry. The desert is the scene of many biblical events and was a place of exile and a wilderness that includes where the Israelites wandered the Negev during the ‘wilderness journey’ after the Exodus.

According to the article released by Daily Mail:

“The landscape is dramatic in places with plunging canyons and meandering dusty paths, which cause small waterfalls and the water to ride over the bumpy, dusty terrain. The wave is impressive considering it is caused by rainfall miles away, and it does not take long for a convincing stream that gushes down holes in the rock to appear strengthening all the time.”

Experts said that the appearance of the river is highly unpredictable and it has been years since enough rainfall has caused a flash flood in the desert.

The river Zin’s source is upon the slopes of the Ramon Crater, a geological feature located at the peak of Mount Negev, some 52miles (85 km) south of the city of Beersheba and it ends in the Dead Sea. The riverbed of the river Zin is made of hard, white chalk.

During the summer season, the Negev desert is a dry and desolate land, but during winter, the rain falls on the higher ground. The rains that continue until around April can accumulate on high ground and lead to the flooding of the dry land below.

People believe that the return of the flood waters was because of heavy rain in mountainous regions several miles away from the arid land. In a video, the powerful flow of flood water is shown cascading down a canyon. Locals have strange methods for predicting its return and were seen waiting for the first waves to show.

Watch the video of the river in the Israeli desert magically reborn due to flash flood:

You Won't Believe This Desert Miracle

You Won't Believe This Desert MiracleCredit: storyful

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