Man Was So Proud Of Her Girlfriend And Claimed To Be The Luckiest Guy Because Of Her Unmaterialistic Girlfriend!

Nowadays, people are becoming more materialistic and self-centered. But this man claims to be the luckiest guy because of her “unmaterialistic” girlfriend.

For example, a girl recently went viral after refusing to ride his friend’s “cheap” car. The Malaysian guy offered to fetch his female friend from work. He traveled far on his Proton Wira to fetch her. But the guy was surprised and dismayed after she ditched him for bringing his cheap Proton Wira. His female friend even pretended that she didn’t know him after seeing his car. She then messaged the man “not to fetch her when he brings his Proton Wira next time.”

The story went viral on social media and drew flak from the online community. The netizens said that his friend was being too materialistic.

As the story became the talk of the online community, another Malaysian man named Edwin claims to be the luckiest guy because of her “unmaterialistic” girlfriend. He decided to share a story about his girlfriend who was completely the opposite of the other woman. According to him, his girlfriend is always proud of him even when he brings a motorcycle to fetch her from work.

His girlfriend even reminded him to bring an extra pair of shorts when he comes to pick her up. She asked for them because she was wearing a dress and she wanted to change into them for a comfier ride.

Edwin shared his conversation with his girlfriend, showing how simple the girl was.

Edwin: “I’m going to leave on my motorcycle now.”

Girlfriend: “Don’t forget my shorts, or else I will expose myself along the way.” Edwin: “I took three pairs for you to choose from.”

Girlfriend: “Just take any pair since we are heading home straight away.”

Edwin: “I realised I forgot to bring a jacket when I was nearing a petrol kiosk in Serdang… it’s super cold!”

Many netizens expressed their admiration for Edwin’s girlfriend and congratulate him for finding someone who isn’t materialistic but worth spending his entire life with. Edwin wished that their relationship would last forever.

I hope everyone would find someone who will love and appreciate your existence more than anything in this world. Indeed, Edwin is the luckiest guy because of her “unmaterialistic” girlfriend.

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