Children Wearing Expensive Jewelry Is Not Safe From Thieves!

Did you know that your children are prone to danger when wearing any valuable or expensive jewelry? Children wearing expensive jewelry are now one of the targets of culprits and this calls for the parents or guardian’s attention.

Since then, jewelry has been fashionable accessories and adds beauty to every girl and woman wearing it. In fact, did you know that aside from the beauty silver or gold jewelry gives, it also brings health benefits to our body?

Many believed that gold has relaxing enhancement and improves blood circulation that regulates the oxygen to flow properly. It also regulates body’s temperature control mechanism which protects us from outside temperature variation and further boost immune system.

On the negative side, it attracts wrongdoers to take advantage of stealing these expensive things and unfortunately, the easiest victims are children. Children are less cautious toward thieves and parents can’t tell exactly when, where or how the wrongdoer will appear.

For example, if the target was a little girl, they will make up stories or reason to lure the innocent young girl. But thieves would also take it by force to easily get what they wanted.

Sometimes, wrongdoers are like doves but actually ravenous wolves waiting for they prey. They likely disguise and wear normal clothes, walking and lurking in the streets or places to seek the target.

Children wearing expensive jewelry are examined such as family backgrounds or age and after school, culprits will look for an opportune time and pretend to be relatives to pick up the children. Then, they will bring the victim to an isolated place and do their illicit deed. Such circumstance could traumatize children.

This is a warning for parents and guardians to tell their children not to go or entertain strangers. Children wearing expensive jewelry are not safe. Being safe is better than looking attractive and beautiful, right parents?

Let’s always guarantee the safety of our youngsters before anything else!

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