Parrots Play Basketball Like A Pro!

If you think that only big guys play basketball, think twice after watching this video of parrots play basketball.

It is common for parrots to mimic and speak like humans. There are also videos that feature a parrot singing along with its owner playing the guitar and parrot that is fluent while being interviewed. These videos truly amused many netizens and can’t believe what they are seeing and hearing.

But colorful parrots bring their talents to a whole new level by bringing you the most dramatic basketball match ever recorded.

Video of parrots plays basketball recently went viral on social media. Parrots are contending a rubber ball on a white, mini basketball court, with a basketball flange placed near the edge of the table. What made it more surprising, these four parrots really know how to play basketball. Interesting right?

The green parrot is seen hurriedly holding the ball from the host and threw the ball nicely into the net. These parrots play basketball like a pro!

As soon as they scored, the owner gives the parrot food as a reward. This might be the reason why these four parrots play basketball so eagerly.

Then, the green-tail parrot was the next scorer. These creatures show the ability to control the ball was not inferior to any basketball player, to put the ball into the basket easily.

The game became so dramatic when there were only two players left on the court. The match became intense as it would determine who can eat the reward and who will be the loser.

The ball was dropped from the back of the court and after a fight, the white-head parrot caught the ball and quickly moved towards the goal and netted the ball.

Watch the parrots play basketball below:

Basketbirbs: Parrots play a fast-paced game of basketball.

Posted by Barks and Recreation on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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