Man Peels Off Pineapple Like Real-Life Fruit Ninja Vendor!

Many people save the pineapple in making a fruit salad. Pineapple is just so cumbersome and prickly. Probably, you have to be a wizard to cut a pineapple properly. This anonymous fruit ninja vendor demonstrated the perfect way to slice a pineapple like a real-life fruit ninja.

Pineapples are delicious and healthy which are a significant source of vitamins C and dietary fibers. Far from being exclusive to tropical climates, these super fruits are beloved practically all over the globe. But one problem is, they’re pretty difficult to slice correctly.

There is a lot of useful tricks that you could use the next time you want to prepare a delicious pineapple. But surprisingly, this fruit ninja vendor don’t need any high-tech gadgets or expensive tools to do it properly. Let’s just say it is called “street style” and it will make you look like a real-life fruit ninja!

First, he cut the heads of the pineapples by using his right hand and pile it in a box.

Then, he starts to peel off the pineapples using a knife.

Next, the vendor ran his knife, peeling off the pineapples so fast. If you attempt this at home, make sure you’re especially careful not to cut yourself.

The fruit ninja vendor was such a pro at peeling that he could afford to move quickly.

If only we could all cut pineapple like this and not accidentally cut our hands off in the process.

This guy is like a real-life fruit ninja!

Watch the video of the fruit ninja vendor below:

How to cut pineapple

Posted by Sleepy Facts on Saturday, January 13, 2018

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