Video Of A Woman Distributing Food To The Homeless Won The Heart Of Netizens!

Video Of A Woman Distributing Food To The Homeless Won The Heart Of Netizens!

If you doubt that kind and good-natured people still exist, just watch the video of a woman distributing food to the homeless early in the morning!

Filipinos are naturally kind and soft-hearted. Well, fellow Filipinos and even other nationalities would agree on that. We managed to show a beaming smile despite hardships and even help people when we ourselves also need it.

Recently, a video of a distributing food to the homeless went viral on social media.

The heartwarming scene happened at the East Bank of Brgy. Sta. Lucia on the edge of Mangahan Floodway. In compliance with December 18, 2008, Mandamus order of the Supreme Court directing the MMDA and other national and local agencies to clear major waterways and easements, which includes the Manggahan floodway control site, many families were affected.

174 families were affected by the operation and no one accepted the relocation offer. As a result, many people left homeless. The affected families might only depend on each other and on what they only had left. Thanks for this girl in a red car who suddenly stops over to extend help.

One Facebook user named Philip B. Sulian posted the video of this unnamed woman distributing food to the homeless and immediately went viral. As she gets down in her car, she distributes the foods she prepared for the homeless people.

As of writing, the post gained 18K mixed reactions, 43K shares, and 4,816,424 views.

There are a lot of people that need our help. As humans, we are originally created good and I know that goodness is running through our veins. Our planet needs love. No matter how big or small, let’s do good! Remember, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Read the original post below:

Watch the video below:

Thank you so much po ki ate na maganda "namaganda pa ang kalooban"bigla na lang tumigil at bumaba ang babaeng ito sa kanyang kulay pulang kotse at nag abot ng munting biyaya para sa mga nawalan ng tirahan dahil sa demolisyon na nangyari sa east bank road floodway brgy.sta.lucia pasig city…salamat po uli sa fudz🙋😋😇😇😇(c) Philip B. Sulian

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