Guy Nearly Won The 570 Million Peso Prize In 6/58 Ultra Lotto But Lack With One Number!

As they say, “if it’s yours, it’s yours.” There are instances where we felt that luck is on our side but turned out not. That’s exactly what people say whenever it is about winning in the lottery. If it doesn’t lack one number, this guy nearly won the 570 million peso prize in 6/58 ultra lotto.

Chances of being struck by lightning are higher than winning in the lottery. This might be funny but it’s well true. The lottery is very famous in the Philippines and many engaged to it.

If you are lucky enough, your 20php bet could win millions if not half a billion. The jackpot prize keeps getting higher and higher whenever no one wins the draw.

A man’s odd’s of winning the jackpot prize in 6/58 Ultra Lotto is 1 in 40,475,358, and your chances of hitting 5 numbers to win a maximum amount of ₱280,000 is 1 in 129,728.

Currently, the Jackpot prize in PCSO’s 6/58 Ultra Lotto right now is ₱574,579,336.00 and guy nearly won the 570 million peso prize in 6/58 ultra lotto.

One Facebook user named Jerald Guevarra posted the photo of the ticket and clarified that he doesn’t own the ticket. The said ticket belongs to his officemate which he doesn’t disclose the name, probably for security purposes.

If he won the prize, the whopping amount of money could change the man’s life. Imagine having an instant 570 million pesos in your bank account.

We could also assume the frustration the ticket owner. If he or she got the final number which is 19, I bet he’s crying in shock and happiness.

However, the ticket owner shouldn’t also feel bad because 280 thousand pesos is already a lot of money. We hope that there is a much deserving person who will win the jackpot prize.

Good luck everyone!

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