Viral Video Of A Supportive Dancing Dad During Daughter’s School Presentation Amused Netizens!

Unlike moms, the patriarch of the house is rarely seen attending their children’s school activities. But this particular dad takes his fatherhood to the next level. Tagged as ‘supportive dancing dad’, many netizens got amused by this father who was seen dancing during his daughter’s school presentation.

It is common to see mothers present in all school activities and presentations of their kids. But when a father shows up, it would be perfect and awesome for their kids as well.

With that in mind, a father recently winning the heart of netizens after showing his support to his daughter during the school presentation. Many parents recorded the adorable moves of this supportive dancing dad during the school program.

One of them named Cristina Santos Antinero uploaded the video on Facebook and praised the unnamed supporting dancing dad to his beloved daughter.

On the video, you can see that the man was actually guiding his daughter while she danced on stage. In fact, many parents do the same as well as the teachers especially if younger children are performing.

Two kids were dancing a hula dance on stage, wearing grass skirts and flowers like Hawaiian ladies, as they performing in the Festival of Talents. The Hula Dance originated from the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians who had originally settled there. The ancient style used to chant and traditional instrument but the modern version now uses Western-inspired instruments and music.

We can assume that this supportive dancing dad probably the one who taught them the dance moves because he knew exactly the actions and demonstrated it to make sure the kids will follow him.

This brought so much good vibes and laughter to many netizens. They also expressed their admiration for this supportive dancing dad who is there for his kids.

How inspiring it is to see parents showing their support to their kids in every step they take towards the future. In fact, the presence of every parent in all performances and activities they might be involved give them confidence and courage. Let’s always show our support to our loved one regardless of how big or small the performance is. We don’t know how it affects them but sure enough, it sows good fruit in them.

Kudos to you Daddy!

Watch the video below:

Kakatuwang panoorin ang tatay na ganito kasupportive lalo n sa mga activities ng kanilang anak#spreadthegoodvibes

Posted by Cristina Santos Antinero on Friday, March 9, 2018

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