Only Husbands With “Sumo” Wife Will Understand This Man’s Situation!

No one will understand this husband in the video but those with the same situation as him. If you have a sumo wife you will understand this man!

Recently, the ‘big” agony of this particular husband makes everyone laugh. The problem? His “sumo” wife!

This husband couldn’t sleep and having a hard time to fall asleep because of her fat, sumo wife. He tried to pull his wife to finally find some sleep but no avail.

As the night finally comes in, they would divide the bed as follows: Wife 2/3, husband 1/ 3. However, when his wife fell asleep, this is where his agony started! LOL!

He was forced to stand up and push his wife to the inside. But as you can see, the man is skinny to push his sumo wife. Looking at him probably makes his wife guilty about it. Husband like him would probably choose to have a corner of the bed than to have no place to lie at all.

This situation ended him up sleeping on the ground one night. He must be worrying about those sleepless nights and worry if where he can put himself to finally find some good sleep at night. Indeed, no one possibly understands him but those who have the same situation as him.

The video made netizens laugh and sympathize to the agony the husband encounters every night with her sumo wife.

I felt sad for the husband! haha.

Are you among those who have a sumo wife? How’s your sleep?

Watch the video below:

haha sumo wife!

Posted by Boyti White-t on Friday, September 7, 2018

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