Price Comparison Of SM Supermarket And Palengke Products Suprised Social Media Users!

According to a recent Pulse Asia survey, many Filipinos have been strongly affected by price hikes in basic commodities such as rice, vegetables, electricity, gasoline, and beverages since January 2018. With that in mind, the price comparison of SM Supermarket and palengke price shocked many netizens!

The “Ulat ng Bayan Survey” of Pulse Asia Survey last March stated that there are a total of 98 percent out of the 1,200 respondents who said that the prices of basic goods they would usually buy have increased since January this year. One of the reasons why it continues to increase is because of the new Tax Reform Law.

As a result, ordinary Filipino consumers claim that they’re the ones who got severely affected by the price hikes in the market that contributes to their daily burden.

The Facebook page “Kulitan sa Planet OPDI EYPS” recently uploaded the photos price comparison of SM Supermarket and palengke for Chili.

The post has a caption of:

“Sili sa SM vs Sili sa Palengke! Suportahan ang local market! Wag na magkapasosyal!! Haaayst”

The photos show the huge difference between the price of ‘Chili’ in SM Supermarket and in the local market. The cost of a pack of chilies in the local market is only P10 while the other photo shows ¼ kilo of chilies for P100. While the price of chilies per pack in SM Supermarket is P1029.60, which is deemed overpriced.

However, the price tag attached to the pack of chilies seems a mistake and not its original price.

Analysts explained that the price hikes of goods are a result of higher taxes imposed under the new Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law package 1 implemented early this year. The price comparison of SM Supermarket and palengke for Chili is quite shocking, right?

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