Man Peels A Whole Coconut Using Only His Teeth!

Did you ever ask yourself how strong your teeth are? This man peels a whole coconut using only his teeth and that probably answer the question, right?

Since we are kids, dentists or our parents always reminds us to have a proper oral care, in other words, brushing our teeth. This helps us protect our teeth from cavities, weakening, and gum diseases.


Our crown teeth are covered with enamel and this protects the inner part of our teeth from damages. According to Elite Readers, Enamel is the hardest part in the body, even harder than our bones. A substance call Dentin found beneath the enamel is as hard as our bones that protect the pulp of our teeth.

Using our teeth, we can chew our food and bite it properly. But did you ever ask yourself how strong our teeth can be?

Recently, a man peels a whole coconut using only his teeth, probably showing off how strong his teeth are. How did he do that? He just peels off a whole coconut using only his teeth!

On the Facebook page Indian Food Kitchen, the video of a man peels a whole coconut using only his teeth went viral.

We know how hard coconut is so we use a knife or any sharp objects to open it. It’s impossible to open it with bare hands or by teeth. However, this man makes opening a coconut possible using only his teeth. Yes! You heard it right!

In the video, it can be seen that the man was sitting while peeling off a coconut, a bunch of coconuts! He was able to open it quickly without being in pain. Is he a superhuman?

As of writing, the video gained 5K mixed reactions, 23K shares, and 552K views.

Recent studies say that human teeth are strong as shark’s teeth. This fact perhaps makes you think if you can use your teeth in open things especially peeling hard objects without damaging it.

But despite the fact that our teeth are very hard and strong, we should keep in mind to take good care of it and stop doing things or eating that may weaken them. If possible, let’s consult a dentist regularly.

For this man, what he does is a skill! Not everyone can do that!

Watch the video below:

Super human!

Posted by Indian Food Kitchen on Sunday, November 6, 2016

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