Filipino Dad Made Other Kids Jealous After Buying His Two Kids Gaming PCs!

If you consider yourself a gamer, you probably have this so-called a ‘Gamer’s Dream’. So to make this dream a reality, a Filipino dad bought his two kids Gaming PCs. I guess, this Filipino dad made other kids jealous after buying his two kids Gaming PCs

Nowadays, kids at a very young age embrace technology and gadgets more than physical activities. While other kids choose to play traditional games, others choose to stay at a computer shop or at home, sitting in front of the computer while playing their favorite online game.

All of us probably wanted to own a personal computer or a laptop. However, the price is more expensive compared before, especially those PCs made solely for games, the Graphics Card and the Ram. For Filipinos, it’s really hard for average money earners to buy a Rig with good components.

But these two kids are very lucky because, at a young age, they already have their own ‘Gaming Station’ at home.

Recently, a Filipino dad made other kids jealous after buying his two kids Gaming PCs. On a Facebook post by Ranie Mangundayao Silva, the father of two kids, we can see both of their awesome rigs along with their Gaming Chairs.

Both of their PCs have their own steering wheel and stick shifts used for Racing Games or maybe Driving Simulator Games. We can assume that his kids probably good at these games. In the video attached to the post shows the famous battle royale game, “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground” aka PUBG. Her daughter also uses it to watch videos and music from YouTube.

These two kids are very lucky to have supportive parents who are willing to provide for them. This dad probably made other kids jealous!

Watch the video below:

Posted by Ranie Mangundayao Silva on Thursday, August 30, 2018

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