Pretty Young Lady Experienced The Unexpected Surprise Ever From Her Boyfriend.

Most of us love to be surprised or receive a surprise gift especially if it comes from someone we love. However, this particular pretty young lady experienced the saddest breakup surprise ever from her boyfriend.

Nowadays, lovers or people in a relationship came up with different gimmicks and unique surprises to express how much they love their other half. For some, these things are important because it makes their relationship more enjoyable and exciting, not boring.

In particular, girls really like romantic boyfriends who surprise and give them gifts because it makes them feel more special and loved. But to this particular pretty young lady experienced the saddest breakup surprise ever from her boyfriend.

On the Facebook page “Bad APE”, a video of a pretty young lady who got disappointed with his boyfriend’s “unexpected” surprise went viral. Netizens dubbed the video as the most heartbreaking and unique break-up surprise ever.

In the video, was the guy was seen covering the eyes of his girlfriend while entering a food court. But the guy didn’t prepare a romantic surprise like what see in movies, rather, the saddest surprise ever!

Then the guys removed his hands and revealed his surprise with a written banner saying: “SORRY BREAK NA TAYO”.

As expected, the pretty young lady got shocked and stunned at what happened. She’s probably confused if its a dream or not, a joke or reality. His boyfriend even wished that they will remain as friends.

The said video clip earned various reactions and comments from the online community. As of writing, the post garnered 18K mixed reactions, 22K shares, and a whopping 995K views.

I bet everyone wishes not to experience such a break-up? This pretty young lady really experienced the saddest breakup surprise ever!

Watch the video below:

Saddest breakup surprise ever 🙁

Posted by Bad APE. on Friday, August 17, 2018

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