Man Rejects His Girlfriend’s Proposal Along With A New Car And 1 Million Yuan Because Of Fear Of Heights.

Recently, a man rejects his girlfriend’s proposal along with a new car and 1 million yuan because of fear of heights.

Last August 15, a lavish wedding proposal took place on a 30-meter-high (98-foot-high) glass bridge in Xinmi, Henan province.

The 23-year-old woman named Xiao Jing came from a wealthy family. She proposed to her 23-year-old boyfriend Xiao Yu with a new car and 1,000,000 yuan ($146,105).

But to finally avail the heart of Xiao Jing and everything else she offered, Xiao Yu need to pass the final test. The test is to cross the glass bridge to say yes.

“We’ve been dating for three years. I’m happy that I met you but I can’t marry you because of your timid personality,” Xiao Jing said.

“Everything is ready. All you have to do is to walk past the corridor and I will marry you,” she added.

However, there is one problem. Her boyfriend is acrophobic or afraid of heights. Acrophobia is an extreme or irrational fear or phobia of heights, especially when one is not particularly high up.

As seen in the pictures, Xiao Yu is having a hard time as his friends even tried to push him. Simply couldn’t make it, he freed himself from his friend’s clutches and walked away. The devasted girlfriend was left behind and onlookers tried to process what just happened.

According to Sing Tao Daily, some people said that Xiao Yu may not be after the money at all while others argued that Xiao Jing’s method to invite him for marriage was inappropriate.

Others also claimed that the proposal was staged and fake though a spokesman for the bridge explained that the site is frequented for marriage proposals.

Apparently, the man rejects his girlfriend’s proposal along with a new car and 1 million yuan because of fear of heights.

The failed wedding proposal immediately went viral on Chinese social media and currently making rounds on Facebook.

Watch the video below:

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