Stick Fall Ninja, A Traditional Game But Absolutely Addictive!

Stick Fall Ninja is one of the traditional arcade game before Playstations or online games even exist. Primarily made up of bamboo sticks, this traditional arcade game is absolutely addictive!

Before the era of PlayStation or internet, there was another popular game where kids could spend hours and hours playing. This traditional game is popular among children in Asian countries, played and passed on to generations after generations. This game is called “Stick Fall Ninja”.

This game is widely played among children in Asian countries long before the existence of Playstations or online games. Like other arcade or online games we played today, Stick Fall Ninja is also a game of strategy and defense where the ninja characters fight against each other until one of them is defeated.

Similar to the football table or foosball, Stick Fall Ninja is also played on a table controlled by the players with the knobs underneath the table.

In the video posted on the Facebook page, “i SEENT it”, shows the ninja characters are made from cord or tread and several bamboo sticks.

The uploader captioned the video:

“Don’t Have to Have $600 to Buy a Game System to Be Happy.”

The video now earned 600K views with 10K mixed reactions and 11K shares. Read some of the comments of the netizens below:

“That literally is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen ever.”

“An anyone explain how they are making them move so fluently, I know it has to do wit strings but how.”

“Creative. Very old school. Using your brain to create something out of nothing.”

“Dude, that’s cooler than rockem sockem robots!”

This game might be traditional but absolutely addictive!

Watch the video below:

This Game Is Called Stick Fall Ninja

Don't Have to Have $600 to Buy a Game System to Be Happy

Posted by i SEENT it on Thursday, June 28, 2018

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