Kid Who Gave Up His Seat For A Pregnant Woman Inside The Train After Other Adults Ignore Her Went Viral!

Nowadays, people are becoming more insensitive and indifferent toward others. Selfishness is getting into the surface and being kind is somehow forgotten. As long as they are happy with their lives, they don’t really care what’s happening to those around them. And this kid who gave up his seat for a pregnant woman put them to shame and proves that showing kindness has no specific age.

One of the great examples is in public transportation. Every day, public vehicles are always packed with passengers and as passengers, they wanted to sit comfortably. Because of that, people no longer care about PWDs, elders, and pregnant ladies.

On the other hand, it’s never too late to change our ways and manners for the better and this could be pass on to the next generation.

Recently, a kid taught adults what good manners and kindness should be. A Malaysian kid who gave up his seat for a pregnant woman went viral because of his chivalrous act.

A netizen named Ally Iskandar shared a CCTV footage taken inside a train showing a pregnant woman enters a train but there were no vacant seats left. Inside the train were three men, one male kid, and two women.

Sadly, one of the guys just looked at the pregnant woman and ignore her. The second guy obviously has seen the woman but pretended he doesn’t see her at all. The third one was in front of the woman for a long time but he didn’t also give up his seat.

The two other women had also seen the pregnant woman but showed no compassion still. They also pretended that they didn’t see her at all. Evidently, the pregnant woman was getting tired of standing up and unfortunately, no one wants to give up their seats. Until one kid finally stood up and gave up his seat for her.


Many netizens admired and praised the young lady for his chivalrous act. Others also expressed their disappointments toward the adults who were with them. Many slammed the actions of those adults who didn’t help the pregnant woman and for pretending they didn’t see her. Others said that there will come a point in their life that they will need such help but receive none or experience the same as the pregnant woman.

At his age, it’s surprising that he knows the right thing to do even if involves giving up his comfort for the pregnant lady.

Watch the video below:

Okay ini anak siapa ni?

Posted by Ally Iskandar on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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