Tear-Jerking Video Of A Girl Who Danced With A Stuffed Toy With The Face Of His Dad During Her Debut!

A father or a dad is the first man a girl encounters in her life. She always thinks that her father is her protector and confidant. There’s no doubt why girls get close with their fathers more than their mothers. This viral girl who danced with a stuffed toy with the face of his dad during her debut apparently loved his dad and she desires to dance with him during her debut.

As they observe, a loving father instills into girls a positive outlook about men, make her more comfortable, and contributes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health as how he treats his wife. On the other hand, a distant father who constantly argues and disrespects her wife and children gives her a concept that all men are all the same, disrespectful and authoritative.

A girl easily gets attached to her father as she learns what kind of man her father is and sees in him what a man ought to be. In addition, every girl dream of dancing with their father during their debut. But sadly, a particular debutante didn’t get a chance to share this moment with the man who cared for her all her life.

The video of a girl who danced with a stuffed toy with a face of his dad during her debut went viral as it melts the heart of every netizen.

A girl named Aljean Degamon Legaspino recently celebrated her 18th birthday with her family and friends. Aljean is looking beautiful wearing a dazzling red dress and seen dancing with the men she considered to be the most important in her life.

As she receives the final rose, she was surprised when she was given a huge teddy bear but not an ordinary teddy bear.

The bear’s face was replaced with the photo of her father who wasn’t able to make it during her debut. Despite this circumstance, the family of the debutant makes sure that they will make her birthday the best and memorable as possible. The young lady is seen wiping her tears while dancing with the stuffed toy. You could also see her family in the background getting emotional too.

Just like her family and friends, many netizens cried over the video and expressed their sentiments to comfort the debutant.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Janine Legaspino Ebero on Sunday, August 19, 2018

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