Old Man Doing Motorcycle Stunts Went Viral On Social Media!

Are you among those motorcycle lovers and having fun to do some stunts while riding it? This video might get your attention! This old man doing motorcycle stunts recently make rounds on social media.

Stunts on two-wheels were mostly limited to stunting groups and professionals only. There are several personalities and individuals who gained popularity by doing motorcycle stunts. But is it not surprising to see two-wheeler stunts being performed by people from whom you expect the least?

In a viral video, the aged man is acting insane on his old TVS Suzuki Max 100 two-stroke motorcycle. No one knows when this video was captured or what’s the identity of this man but he appears to be a senior citizen.

At the start of the video, you will be amazed by the man’s dancing skills while standing on the footpegs of his bike but also makes his motorcycle dance. He even managed to greet the passersby by saluting them in the same position.

Then, the old man sits on his bike with both legs on one side. After a few seconds, he does not hesitate in lying down on the seat of his motorcycle and folding his hands behind his back.

His fellow motorist and people on the road were amazed by the old man’s stunts who took some snap.

While this video looks amazing and exciting, we should keep in mind that doing such stunts on public roads is dangerous and irresponsible as it could cause danger not just for yourself but also to other people on the road.

As you can also see in the video that the man is not wearing a helmet or any gear that makes it more dangerous and the end could be fatal. These stunts might look cool but you also need to ensure your safety at all times.

Let’s be all responsible motorist both for our safety and others.

Watch the old man doing motorcycle stunts below:

Wala kayo sa Lolo ko!

Posted by Hanep TV on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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