Viral Bride Hires A Party Host For Her Wedding In Batangas But Refuse To Pay For TF And Accommodation, Drew Flak From Netizens!

Many netizens got angry with this viral bride who hires a party host in Batangas but refuses to pay for TF and accommodation. Can you believe that?

Every special occasion like wedding and birthday needs the best and right host to make the party meaningful and get going. But like any other job, being a party host is not easy.

A party host has the responsibility to make every occasion lively and memorable. That’s why it is important to find the right one to do the job.

Recently, one party host shared her terrible experience with a client who wants to hire her to host a wedding in Batangas. However, the bride refuses to pay for her talent fee and accommodation.

The party host named Althea Español Leonen posted screenshots of her conversation with the bride.


The caption of the post read:

Earlier this morning I was reading the posts about this type of conversation. Little did I know I myself will experience this.

We invest for our skills, plus pagod sa pagdadala nang weddings and our efforts to doll up and dress up. Di naman ako after sa TF lang pero sana makita ung value namin as events host. We invest for this skill. Di naman po ako basta pinahawak lang ng mic then naging host na. Nakakalungkot na may ganitong mga tao.

Ps: wala naman po akong hangad na sumikat. I just want to share this talent and skills and be a blessing sa mga kinakasal. I guess gaining a little profit from hosting is not that bad.

According to their conversation, a friend had referred to her as a host and the wedding will be on September 15 at Acuatico Beach Resort & Hotel in Laiya, Batangas.

It is given when hiring a party host for an out-of-town event that the accommodation and transportation will be shouldered by the person hiring him or her. But to Althea’s case, it is not.

The bride told Althea that she is expected to book her own accommodation and will only be provided with transportation to the venue. When she tried to clarify the room booking, the bride said that they could book her a room but she’s the one paying for it over the counter when she arrives.

The bride also told her that they would just provide her with transportation but she won’t be receiving a talent fee for the hosting gig. The bride even said that the mutual friend who referred her said that Althea accepts gigs without TF and added that the host needs to pay for her own accommodations because she wasn’t part of the entourage.

With all the insults and insinuations, Althea managed to be placid and told the bride that she agrees to host for free, but only for her friends. She also mentioned that her friends don’t let her go empty-handed.

But considering she needs to travel to Batangas and also freeing her schedule for that, the least they can do is shoulder her accommodations. Althea also agreed on a discounted TF.

But this makes the bride angry and insulted Althea all the more, saying that she doesn’t even look pretty on her IG pictures and said that she wasn’t a good host.

Many netizens got angry and say negative comments about the bride. As of writing, the post earned 21k mixed reactions, 948 comments, and 8.1k shares.

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