School Guard Went Viral On Social Media After Fixing A Student’s Skirt!

It’s great to find a school guard you can trust with your kid’s safety and could so something beyond the call of duty!

News reports on cases of school violence are very alarming and many kids are complaining about it. Students experienced such an incident at least once in their lives. When it comes to the safety and protection of school, there’s only one person who is professional enough in the job and that is a security guard or a school guard.

School guards play a vital role in constructing and maintaining a safe and peaceful environment at school. They patrol inside the school premise to detect any suspicious activity, report any violations to the school authority and enforce school regulations.
They are also responsible for monitoring and guard the entrance, checking every visitor, and ensure that the school property is protected.

Recently, a school guard went viral on social media after she went beyond the call of duty.

In Silliman University Elementary School located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, a school guard went viral after fixing a student’s skirt.

One of the teachers named Rima Diogenes Erames posted the photo of the school guard, Freda Ramos, fixing the young student’s skirt. She captioned her post:

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary work. Nakaka bilib ka Ate Guard…”

It is very common for kids to get easily distressed with their clothes especially to young girls. They are anxious if the hooks or button of their skirts got broken or missing and it might fall off their waists. Thankfully, the school guard came to the rescue!

The teacher’s post was also reposted by a local Facebook page Dumaguete.Net.

“This simple gesture of the lady guard gets netizens approval. Meet lady guard Freda Ramos, the well-loved lady guard, who has been serving Silliman University Elementary School for almost 20 years now. May your tribe increase. Photo courtesy of Rima Erames.”

According to Definitely Filipino, the Silliman University Elementary School don’t allow parents beyond the gate. This way, the children will be taught independence as well as to keep them safe inside the school. School guards have to be extra vigilant to keep every kids safe and make sure that they don’t go out of the school premise when such things happened.

There is no doubt why the position of a school guard is highly important and respectable. But like any other job, it is not easy.

Kudos to you, Ate Freda!

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