Virtual Viand Challenge Is The Easiest Way To Save For Food Expenses!

Nowadays, people are having a hard time saving money. With all price increases whether in goods or services, saving money is quite a challenge. With that in mind, a virtual viand challenge could probably be the easiest way of saving money from food expenses.

One of the temptations people can hardly resist is food and all of us will agree on that. Most people find food as sort of their comfort and it could turn anything into happiness. They would even spend money than average price just to taste a delicious kind of food.

If you are among those who are on a tight budget and trying too hard to keep away from spending a huge amount of money on food, virtual viand challenge may be the solution you are looking for.

On the Facebook page Panlasang Pinoy Recipes, a viral video was posted with a caption that reads: “Tip101.111.00 hehehe #tipid tips.”

The video features rice on a plate along with a spoon and fork. This means a signal for a meal but quite unusual. On the plate is a phone which shows a photo of a home cooked dish.

The person, not shown in the video, started to eat rice just imagining eating with a virtual viand. To make it even more delightful, the person had even various virtual viands which can be achieved by swiping the phone from left to right.

Many netizens find the video funny and amusing. No doubt why it quickly became viral!

Would you accept the virtual viand challenge?

Watch the video below:

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