A Back Rider Dog Amazed Netizens, Went Viral On Social Media.

Ages had passed but dogs are still man’s best friend. This creature became one of the human’s closest companions because of its initiative to help, protect and save people especially its owner. But this particular dog, tagged as back rider dog, recently amused netizens and swept the social media like a whirlwind.

Loyalty and love, that are just some of dogs character that people truly admire. In fact, there are stories where dogs act like a human and lives like a human. Well, that’s because this creature could be tamed and trained so fast and developed trust to those people they often see and take care of them. The relationship between humans and dogs could go deeper in a just small span of time.

Several video clips can show us how people successfully trained their dogs at any breed and as usual, it amazes people.

Recently, a short video went viral on social media after one social media user named Franz Marjoe posted a short clip of a dog who jumps up the motorcycle after a man commanded him to.

The netizen didn’t mention the name of the owner but the location was assumed to be in Manila International Airport in Paranaque. No wonder why the dog named MIA.

In the video, you could hear the owner commanding the pooch, “Mia sakay na”. Moments later, the dog jumps up the rider’s back that why netizens tagged him back rider dog. You can also hear the motorist saying, “hawak”, commanding Mia to hold onto his shoulders as they are going to move.

Many netizens were amused at how the owner trained Mia and how the pooch respond to his command. Mia, the back rider dog, is truly an obedient and clever dog.

As of writing, the post earned 198 mixed reactions, 104 shares, and 12k views.

Watch the video below:

Meet Mia! The amazing dog(c) Franz Marjoe

Posted by PH Trends TODAY on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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