19-Month-Old Baby Learned More Than 300 Words And Tagged As A “Baby Reading Genius”.

Most children get a grip on reading when they start school at the age of five. While most of her age are having a hard time in this area, a 19-month-old baby was tagged as ‘Baby Reading Genius’ after learning to read more than 300 words with clear articulation.

A mind-blowing video recently went viral that features a 19-month-old baby who has learned more than 300 words and can even count to 50.

The child prodigy named Carter has learned more than 300 words and can even count all the way up to 50. His mother, LaToya Whiteside, was able to capture his son while reading words from place cards while at home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In the footage, Carter was seen reading the word ‘are’ before looking at his mother for confirmation and then continuing. Then, he clearly articulates the words ‘was’, ‘to’ and ‘like’ before moving onto the next card, which he immediately notices is upside down.

Next, the baby reading genius reads the word ‘made’ and ‘her’ before momentarily stumbling on the two syllables of the word ‘over’. Later, the youngster read the words ‘an’ and ‘many’ and then turns one of the cards around to read ‘may’. He finished the pack by reading the card in his mother’s hand which says ‘call’.

‘My 19-month-old son can read. He knows his ABCs (phonetically and recognises the letters when written),’ LaToya said.

‘He can count to 50 and reads over 300 words. He reads signs everywhere we go so I’m sure he knows more than even I am aware.

‘My son started recognising words and signing when he was just seven months old.

‘He began sounding out words I had never shown him at around 12 months.

‘The flashcards used in the video were a recent purchase from the dollar store. I had gone over them with him only once before recording.’

According to most parenting advice, babies can generally speak around six words by the time they reach 18 months. Most youngsters learning odd words at around the age of three before whole sentences and beyond around the age of five but numbers often fluctuate between children.

Many netizens were amazed by this baby reading genius.

Watch the video below:

Genius 19-month-old can read!

19-month-old Baby Genius Can Read Over 300 words!

Posted by ViralKidz on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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