Heart-Warming Story Of A Colorblind Boy Finally Able To See Colors He Cannot See Before

Nothing is more touching than to hear stories of people finally able to do what they cannot before. Not all people have the life just like others and life wasn’t that good for them at all.

There are people who have disabilities and conditions that make them feel less fortunate than others. However, these things should not define us as a person and hinder us from doing what we love to do. Just like the story of this colorblind boy who does not know what color purple looks like.

The 10-year-old Cayson Irlbeck is like any other kids except he’s colorblind. Cayson was born with colorblindness or deuteranopia, a genetic condition in which the affected person finds a problem to differentiate between reds, greens, browns, and oranges. The person with this condition is also unable to tell a difference between blues and purples since it looks the same to him or her.

For most cases, colorblindness is caused by genetic conditions and for Cayson’s case, he inherited it from his grandfather.

When he was in pre-school, the kid was diagnosed with colorblindness. But despite his condition, he still managed to become active in school. But for Cayson’s parents, they are worried that his condition might limit his choices and potentials in the future.

His mother, Jacque, told NBC 2 that it hit her when they watched a basketball game together.

“I think one moment that stands out for me was a basketball game where their jerseys were purple. And the opposing team came out wearing blue,” his mother, Jacque said.

“And we knew he wouldn’t be able to see the difference between those two colors.”

That moment made his parents realized that he might need a little aid to improve his sight. Later, they found correction glasses, Enchroma Colour For The Colourblind glasses that can correct the color and bought a pair for their son. His parents planned a surprise for their son where they will hide from his back and put the glasses on him.

“Can you see the difference?” asked Aaron to Cayson. The boy replied, “Yes”.

After the surprise, the boy hugged his dad and it was a very heartwarming moment for them.

“Everything was brighter and more colorful. It was mind-blowing,” said the boy when he wore the glasses.

Cayson then watched shows he had watched before and looked back at family vacation photos but now with color. The glasses were quite expensive as it ranges from $330 to $400, depending on the style. But it was worth every penny as it can see clearly on Cayson’s reaction.

Watch the video below:

Colorblind Boy Sees Color For The First Time

Watch this colorblind boy see colors for the very first time

Posted by NowThis on Monday, March 6, 2017

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