Hilarious Video Of Brazilian Workers Panicked After Seeing A Friendly Pit Bull Approaching The Premise.

Pit Bull Terriers are known for being vicious fighting dogs and brought a huge stigma to everyone. But as true as this fact, well-bred Pit Bull who lives in a loving, caring home is the opposite of the fact splashed around on television.

They became loving, loyal and excellent companions to people. They also love to be with people and included in all family activities. But it’s true that Pit Bulls can be vicious in the wrong hands and can be sweethearts if they land of the custody of right ones.

As a matter of fact, this breed has been banned in many countries including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia and Singapore because of their quite bad reputation.

But a hilarious scene was caught on camera that shows a group of workers who panicked after seeing a pit bull.

While being focused on their jobs, one of them starts to panic as he points at something which was out of view. The group of men is seen struggling while climbing onto the counter as they see the dog approaching the premise.

They hide from the dog as it wags it’s tail and walks around the room. As you can see from the photos, the pit bull was clearly enjoying his time and probably thinking that they actually play games with it. Sooner, they realized that this dog was actually friendly and only wanted to interact with them.

Later, it was revealed that this particular pooch had escaped it’s owner’s house close to the place of the incident, probably looking for some form of entertainment.

There’s a lot of reason to consider why dogs became man’s best friend. In the presence of a dog, nothing else matters but to hand out pure love, sparing no expense, and asking absolutely nothing in return from their owners. They are consistent, loving and beautiful creatures that deserve unconditional love at its finest.

Watch the video below:

Workers are Scared of Dog

These workers can't figure out if this dog is friendly or not.

Posted by Blunt Kommunity on Friday, July 27, 2018

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