Video Of A Sick Father Walking Her Daughter Down The Aisle, Makes Everyone Cry!

This video of a sick father walking her daughter down the aisle makes everyone cry.

Getting married is one the biggest decision a person would have and the most awaited day every person awaits. Marriage is the climax of the affection between two lovers whom they shared throughout their journey as a boyfriend and girlfriend. It is a special moment in a relationship and a celebratory day for two lovers becoming one.

Aside from the couple and the people who have witnessed the journey of the couple, parents are the most excited and happy for them. One of the most notable moments on this emotional day is seeing the patriarch of the family walking her daughter down the aisle and this makes everyone cry.

Earlier this month, we were able to witness a heart-warming moment when a loving father lying down on a stretcher accompanying his daughter down the aisle.

Aside from the wedding itself, the crew of Paradox Films covered the story about the bride’s father, Papu Pedro. According to the story, it was his last wish to walk her daughter down the aisle because he was already in a critical condition.

The production admitted that they had a hard time covering the event knowing the whole situation. But nonetheless, the filmmakers were able to craft something beyond words can describe. During the event, the team put a huge effort and poured out their hearts out in the process of making the production possible.

The film was their final gift to the father and his family. No doubt why everyone has tears falling down on their faces after watching these video. The video itself has full of emotions and life that really captivate every heart. We didn’t have the chance to witness this emotional moment in personal but this video apparently moved us to a whole new level.

We must be thankful that there are people who are able to capture this kind of special moments.

We congratulate the newlywed couple. We wish that you will continue loving each other and make the fire grew stronger each and every day. Also, we are praying for the father and the whole family.

As of writing, the video earned 3.9K mixed reactions, 1.5K shares, and 142K views.

Watch the full wedding video here:

Papu Pedro

Charlotte booked us less than 2 months before their wedding (original date was December) and when we found out the story behind the sudden change of the date, we were heartbroken. We thought we were ready. But nothing prepared us to what we have witnessed that day. It was a day filled with extreme emotions. It was surreal filled with poignancy, that felt like we were all in the same dream or a movie set.Tatay Pedro or Papu to his family, a loving father with a tremendous zest for life could not let his illness stop him from fulfilling his dream. His greatest wish, is to walk Charlotte who he fondly called Love, his youngest daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. It was an unforgettable moment and the most incredible one we've ever had the honour to witness.Papu Pedro, this is for you…Maku & Charlotte's WeddingVideo: Paradox FilmsPhoto: Law Tapalla PhotographyCoordination: EMS – Events Management Services | Anna Liza Sotto Events Management Services MUA: Carissa Cielo MedvedHair: Arci Sonio BarcenasCake: Cake Mapping PhilippinesFlowers: Flowers Of May and Event StylingChurch and Reception: Palazzo Verde

Posted by Paradox Films on Monday, August 13, 2018

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