Mom Gets Proud Of Her Parenting After Her Son Went Viral On Social Media.

This mom gets proud of her parenting after her son went viral on social media.

Parents have the most difficult job in the world. But as parents, there is no amount of success could ever compare in raising a good child. It is very rewarding to all parents seeing their children grow up in success and of course, well-mannered. As we all know, children are the best reflection of a parent.

Since the day a child was brought into this world, parent’s thoughts are always for their own good and welfare. They always make sure that the needs of their children are well-provided and most importantly, guaranteeing a bright future.

Recently, a mom posted a ‘proud parenting’ moment when she spotted her son showing kindness to an elderly lady.

The 13-year-old Dashawn Butler ask his mom to drop him at the mall to meet up with some friends. He saw an old lady struggling with her cane and shopping bag. So instead of getting inside the mall, he didn’t hesitate to help her without being asked.

teen helps old lady

The teenager offered her help. Dashawn took the plastic bag and help her across the parking lot towards her car.

Maria Lopez, his mom, spotted her son doing this. She followed the two around the parking lot to capture the moment. The mom was so proud of her son and for her parenting in raising a wonderful, good-natured son. Maria posted the video on social media so Dashawn’s great-grandmother could watch it.

But for Dashawn, what he did wasn’t a bid deal.

He shared with Yahoo! Lifestyle:

“I just saw her struggling, and I really thought she needed help. Once I helped her, she said her legs were really bad.”

“She told me she thought she wouldn’t make it on her own. I said, ‘Don’t worry, I got you’ I said. She was very surprised and shocked. She didn’t know that anybody would really come and help.”

The video later went viral and many teenagers admire him for doing such kindness to an old lady without being asked.

teen helps old lady

Comedian DL Hughley reposted the pictures of the young man and his good deed saying:

“There’s no amount of success you can achieve that can compare to raising a good child.”

Watch the video below:

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