Thrifty Pinay Chose to Wear an SM Plastic Bag In Hong Kong Instead Of Buying Expensive Poncho!

This Pinay chose to wear an SM plastic bag to protect herself during a water ride in Hong Kong instead of buying an expensive poncho.

Out-of-the-country vacation is quite expensive and those who are tight in budget resorted to being resourceful than the expense. Filipinos, on the other hand, are very wise and thrifty when it comes to this. Because of having a hard time in saving money and keeping it is much more difficult, they compromise and come up with different cheaper alternatives to save or have discounts.

Resourceful as Filipinos are, they will surely go for something they could less and not be able to spend, even a penny, no matter how embarrassing it may seem. Just like what this Filipina did that made everyone both admired and laugh at the same time.

Angelie Janelle Orleans went for a vacation with friends in Hong Kong. She needs to buy a poncho to protect herself from getting wet during a water ride at the Ocean Park HK. But instead of buying an expensive poncho, she resorted to wearing a big plastic bag.

One of her friends, Jerwyn Buenaventura shared the photo on his Facebook account and wrote a clever caption that refers to a fashion magazine’s way of asking stars who they were wearing. Meaning, the designer who created their outfits.

The caption read:

Who are you wearing today?

Angelie Janelle Orleans: Henry Sy

Apparently, Henry Sy is not a designer but a business tycoon that owns the SM Malls. He is considered as one of the country’s wealthiest man and even listed as Forbes’ richest people in the world.

Angelie’s outfit is a green SM plastic bag whom she cut at the bottom that would create a makeshift shirt. It seems that the neon green color, with a print of ‘SM hypermarket’ mark in the middle, goes well with her red track pants.

According to Jerwyn, they were queuing for The Rapids ride in Ocean Park Hong Kong but were afraid of getting their outfits wet. Given an option of buying a poncho, Angelie found a plastic bag she thought would make a good shirt. She first thought of wrapping her shoes inside the plastic bag but later decided to create a unique OOTD.

Because of her clever and thrifty idea, she actually saved 40HKD (US$5.10 or PHP270.85) for the poncho.

Would you rather buy an expensive poncho or confidently wear this outfit?

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