Kind Police Went Viral After Helping An Elderly Woman Gathering Plastic Bottles And Scraps Along The Street.

This kind police went viral online after helping an elderly woman gathering plastic bottles and scraps along the street.

Every policeman is responsible for keeping the peace and order of the country, making every people safe and execute fair and right judgment. They are a public servant who vows to serve and protect the country and its people on any kind of danger and possible terrorist attacks. But more than having an authority, cops should set a great example towards others.

There are a lot of stories that circulated on the web lately about cops who showed kindness to people in many different ways. These acts simply tell us that more than what their job asks for, these men, an image of bravery and authority, are also soft and kind-hearted.

On the Facebook page “Matalinong Matsing”, photos of a good-natured policeman was featured after helping an elderly woman. The police officer was identified as PO2 Alberto Reyes who is a member of 302nd Maneuver Company RMFB3.

According to the post, PO2 Reyes was roaming inside the Clarkfield in Pampanga when he noticed an elderly woman collecting recyclable materials and scraps to sell it in order to provide the needs of her grandson. The kind-hearted officer handed him food so she has something to eat along her way.

The 103-year-old woman, despite her age, was strong and able enough to find a decent way of earning money. The elderly woman has even a sharp memory because she can remember her birthday. Many netizens praised the kind gesture of the policeman and admire him for doing this.

Read some of their comments below:

Jobert Balangon: “pogi n si sir,may ginintuang puso p yan ang magiting n tagapagtanggol ng ating bayan s mga mamamayan tga pagkalinga p.i salute you sir.god bless you and protect you all the time.”

Sess Ledesma: “Salute you Sir! GOD will bless you always for being a compassionate sating matatanda na mga kabayan.”

Banez Nefangui Jacky: “Anlakas ni lola parang d 100+…..saludo ako lola s kalakasan mo para s iyong apo….
Big time salute sau sir….”

Jocelyn D Ombaogan: “Nakakadurog nang puso,na nakkakita ng ganyang edad tapos nghhanap buhay para lng sa apo niya..Kong sa nanay natin mangyari yan ,,napakasakit isipin..”

Espie Avinante: “Sana swwetihin c lola matulungan cya ng gov ntn.. kwwa nman dina dpt nag ttrabho c lolla.. mabuhay k po ..”

Julieto Reyes Rebusion Sr.: “ malaki matatanggap ni lola sa gobyerno dahil sa edad nya…”

Rodge Gal Mcromio: “Asan na ang 100k nya na bayad sa ika 100 yrs old na binayad ng governo ubos na”

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