Owner Makes This Turtle Bite Things, Drew Flak From Netizens!

This owner makes this turtle bite things, drew flak from netizens.

Turtle is a reptile with a body covered in a bony shell. There are approximately 356 species of turtles living on land in all continents except Antarctica and in both salt water and fresh water. Sea turtles are solitary and naturally timid creatures who are known to migrate thousands of miles through the ocean during their lifetime.

Recently, a video clip of a turtle drew flak from netizen after its owner throws a different kind of things for it to bite.

On the 39-second clip, a guy was throwing various things for the turtle to bite that includes an apple, two soft drink cans, and a mobile phone.

The owner might be testing what kind of things the turtle could break using its beak and was apparently amazed on it.

While others were surprised for its ability to break things, some netizens consider this as unreasonable. This might be cute for some but it was lambasted by many.

As for me, I would say that this is a misrepresentation of cute. Sea turtles swim long distances in clear waters so trapping them in a small tank makes it cruel. Due to their timid nature, turtles suffered a great deal of stress when held and this stress could weaken their immune system and increase possible exposure to disease.

In some tourist attractions or animal facilities, turtles are handled by tourists. This can cause panic so they intensively flap their flippers which can cause fractures and detached claws.

It is important to remember that this wrongful act is not just restricted to physical harm. Cases involving psychological harm in the form of distress, torment or terror may also constitute an animal atrocity.

Thankfully, there are animal welfare legislations that prohibit all forms of this wrongful act and imposes liability on all animal owners to provide for the welfare needs of their animals. Serious cases can result in large fines and could possibly put the owner behind bars.

As for sea turtles, they deserve a better and more natural life. Like other animals, they deserve to live a life free from suffering and threat.

You as the judge, does it look cute or despicable?

Watch the video below:


Posted by Fishing Catch on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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