Man Risks His Life To Help His Friend Escape From The Fangs Of The Crocodile!

This man risks his life to help his friend escape the fangs of the crocodile.

Having a genuine friendship is a precious blessing. Being a sincere friend or having a sincere friendship means you are there for each other through ups and downs, to the point of sacrificing your life just to save your friend from a possible danger.

This admirable guy decided to sacrifice his own life to save his friend from the fangs of the ferocious crocodile.

On the video, a friend got stuck in the water near a crocodile. The guy tried to throw stones to chase the ferocious creature away.

When the guy felt that his friend was so close to danger, he decided to risk his life by jumping into the water, in front of the crocodile to chase it off.

Thankfully, the two guys quickly climbed to the shore and were safe. Because the ferocious creature had not really gone, the guy splashed water to threaten it.

When we hear the word crocodile, the first thing that comes into our mind is it always go for a prey. Its fangs could crush our bones and it will show no mercy especially when they look at you as their meal.

However, there are stories of a good company between man and a crocodile. 20 years ago, a five-meter-long crocodile lay severely injured on the bank of the Parasmina River in Costa Rica after being shot by a farmer. Lucky for that crocodile, a kind local named Chito couldn’t bear to let him die. Chito rescued Pocho, as he called the croc, and nursed him back to health.

Over the years, their bond got stronger and both of them grew to trust each other so completely as they spent hours of swimming and playing every day. He even taught the crocodile some tricks like rolling over, holding up his tail, and closing one eye.

But the story of Chito and Pocho doesn’t mean you have to befriend a crocodile to make a difference to countless other animals who deserve our compassion.

Watch the video below:

and the "That's my dude" award goes to….This guy did a "Randy Macho Man Savage" flying elbow on a Gator to save his friends ass…

Posted by Derek Hunley on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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