Guy Intentionally Dropped His Wallet Full Of Cash To Test A Poor Lady.

This guys intentionally dropped his wallet full of cash to test a poor lady.

Social experiment is one way of testing people’s character and how they react in a particular situation. Such experiment includes a man acting like a beggar to test how children and adults would react, leaving something on a particular area and see what people will do with it, a man acting like in need to test if people will help him and so much more.

One guy decided to carry out a social experiment by dropping his wallet full of cash on the street to see if passersby who would return the lost wallet to the rightful owner.

He encountered an elderly woman who picks up trash bottles and sells it. The old lady is apparently in need and poor so the man was expecting that she will take advantage of the lost wallet full of cash. But what happened next really moved his heart.

The old woman makes a living by collecting trash and find recyclable items on the roadside. She frequently passed the streets to search for trash to find plastic bottles and tins that she can sell. Little did she expect that she would find a lost wallet on the street whopping with cash.

On the video, the old lady was seen picking up the lost wallet and found a wad of cash along with some identification card inside of it.

Then she settled on the side of the road and seemingly contemplating for her next move. After a while, the elderly woman stood up and left the street with the wallet in her hand. The man who had been recording the experiment followed her from the back.

Having no idea where the old woman is heading to, he followed her behind and was surprised to see that the old lady went to the police station. After then, she walked out of the police station and made her way back.

Her actions really moved the man. Despite her struggle in life and had the chance to keep it for herself, she instead does the right thing.

This only proves that for whatever reasons we may have, we always have a choice to do the right thing. Despite the situations we are in, it is up to us if we will do the right thing or do the opposite that will make us regret forever. Also, let’s not quick to judge.

Watch the video below:

Wallet dropping test

Young man pretends to drop his wallet in order to test the poor old’s faith, a few moments later, he just cries and apologizes

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