Having A Hard Time In Solving Math? This Easy And Fast Trick Will Help You!

This easy and fast trick of solving math will make your life easier.

Throughout my previous and current experience, mathematics is commonly considered as one the most difficult and complicated subjects every pupil encountered in schools and adults alike. According to Dowker 2004, investigated the prevalence of learning difficulties in mathematics and this was verified by the Basic Skills Agency that conducted their research and found a large proportion of adults who did not possess basic numeracy skills.

The reasons behind this widespread among children and adults could be: inability to comprehend the basics of math, natural aptitude against math, boring material and syllabus for math classes, uninspiring teaching methods, no interest of the parents. One or all of these reasons could make math the hardest subject for anyone.

While others fail in math subject or any subject that includes math, some resorted to choosing courses which do not require a lot of solving or not includes math at all.

Check this few life hacks that will make you solve Mathematics problem fast and easy.

1. Multiplying numbers by 11:

When any double-digit number is multiplied by 11, the first and the last digit of the answer is still the same as the given. For the middle number, just add the given digits of the factor together and there you go.

2. Subtracting Fractions Using Butterfly Method:

The easiest way of finding the answer in subtracting fractions is by drawing a butterfly between the given. Then, just cross multiply the given fractions and place the answer on the butterfly’s antenna. In multiplying the denominators, you get the denominator for the final answer. For the numerator, subtract the answers previously wrote on the butterfly’s antenna.

3. Multiplying numbers by 12.

In the table of multiplication of 12, count from the multiples of 1 and regard those as the first digit of the answer. The second digit and the next digits to complete the answer are multiples of 2.

How did you find it? Is it easy right?

As time flies so fast, accelerating change, new knowledge, and ways of doing and communicating mathematics continue to emerge and evolve. We need to understand first that mathematics could be used in our everyday life whether at home, doing errands or workplace.

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